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NMB Statement on Equality
June 2, 2020
New Music on the Bayou was founded to share new and varied ideas with our communities through contemporary music. It remains our firm belief that great art is a window into the human condition, helping to enrich and broaden the lives of those who experience it. We have been humbled as an organization with the opportunity to share music written by composers who represent a variety of races, religions, cultures, nationalities, and sexual identities. Though imperfect, we strive to be more inclusive and to increase the access and impact of under-represented communities. Going forward we will work even harder, because trying to be a better version of who you are is the best answer to systemic problems. Listen and act.

Today we grieve with our country. We are frustrated by injustice and systemic racism. Divisions and arguments continue unabated, while solutions seem unobtainable. Too many have been silenced and sidelined for too long. Words alone are not enough. As an organization we will not ignore our responsibility in this fight. We admit - WE HAVE NOT DONE ENOUGH. In the future, we WILL increase our scholarships designated for under-represented communities. We WILL institute educational programs specifically focused on students of color and students with limited access to contemporary solo/chamber music. We WILL listen and respond to suggestions on ways to increase equality in our field moving forward. We WILL act.

Over the last five years, we have been honored and inspired by the participation of non-white composers and performers. This week we will highlight clips from many of them in recognition of their contributions to our musical landscape and their leadership in the push toward greater equality.

New Music on the Bayou, Board of Directors
Mel Mobley, president
Greg Lyons, vice-president
Sarah O’Connor Siereveld, secretary
Michael Austin
James Boldin
Trevor Davis
Scot Humes
Eric Siereveld

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