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“One of the most unique things about New Music on the Bayou is the variety of styles, influences, and backgrounds of each composer; I was able to interact with people teaching and composing all over the country who all focused on different styles of composition from improvisatory writing to electronic music to multimedia collaborations. The versatility of these composers cultivated an environment that was brimming with artistic innovation and enthusiasm; each day was a new musical adventure or discovery."

"This festival was perfectly balanced with activities and performances. I really got to know my fellow composers while being immersed in high quality music! I also loved the interaction with the community and seeing how many people in Monroe & Ruston came out to hear new music!"

"This is the best festival I've been to in a very long time! Performances were excellent, the organization was great and the vibe was perfect. This festival is a great overall experience and I came away so inspired."

"Wonderful! I was very impressed with the level of performers, not to mention the quality of pieces selected. Big thanks to Mel and Greg for all their hard work! I will definitely be submitting another piece next year with the hopes of attending the festival again."

"Thank you again for programming my music and staging such a fantastic festival! There were so many high points: your warm welcome; your talented musician colleagues; the thoughtful programming; the opportunity to meet so many peer composers and hear what they are doing; the out-of-the-box venues (the concert in the bayou rocked); and the opportunity to see and share in your corner of the world."



[producing professional performances of works by contemporary composers + giving modern music a voice + inspiring communities with fresh ideas about the performing arts] - At the New Music on the Bayou Summer Festival, composers and performers intersect over the course of an intense multi-day, multi-city, multi-venue series of rehearsals, presentations, and concerts. Our goal is to inspire the region with new ideas about music and to inspire composers with the unique landscapes and cultural offerings of north Louisiana. The schedule is designed to create several opportunities for composers to engage with each other, the performers, and our appreciative audiences. An open rehearsal format is utilized to provide greater insight into the music of the festival. By rotating across multiple venues, we aim to bring the music to the people of the community and generate interest and attendance at the concerts and events.


New Music on the Bayou (“NMB”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Louisiana and headquartered in Monroe, LA. Coordinated by Mel Mobley and Greg Lyons, the organization was formed to bring its namesake summer festival to the community for the first time in 2016.


The current Board of Directors includes Mel Mobley (President), Greg Lyons (Vice-president), Sarah Siereveld (Treasurer), Eric Siereveld, Ayesha Casie Chetty, Trevor Davis, Scot Humes, Claire Vangelisti, Vanessa Kanamoto, Duncan Fontenot, Joseph Ham, Mara Gibson, and Joe W. Moore III. If you are interested in volunteering for the Board or at events, please contact us at

Media Rights

New Music on the Bayou reserves the right to use recordings and images from the festival on our website and promotional materials.


For more information, send a message to Our legal address is 675 Rowland Road, Monroe, LA, 71203.

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