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Notification Email (March 6)

Travel Update (March 30)

Ermir Bejo (Texas) 

Opus 9 [select mvts] str trio


Kari Besharse (Louisiana) 

Flight and Song (Exozoology I) vn va vc pf


Charlie Carroll (Florida) 

In Truth's Day-Star sop vn pf

Christopher Cresswell (New York)

Too Late in the Evening sop afl digital media


Jeremi Edwards (Louisiana)

Feathered Echoes fl ob cl bn vn va vc db

Eric Estrada (Texas)

Del silencio brota un árbol fl cl/bcl vn vc pf

Daniel Fawcett (California) 

Echoes of Wild Petals bar bcl tpt[c] tbn fixed media elec

Juro Kim Feliz (Canada) 

Weekend Rain digital media

Louise Fristensky (Texas) 

all the trees i've ever loved open trio

Jinxin Fu (Utah)

Air Friction perc ens

Mara Gibson (Louisiana) 

Swansongs vc pf

Harry González (Missouri) 

Insomnolence str trio

Douglas Hedwig (Tennessee)

Four Third Streams [select mvts] wind quint

Westly Heflin (North Carolina) 

True Bugs perc

Samuel Hoyland (Georgia) 

Whited Air fl vc pf

Linda Kernohan (Michigan) 

When in Dreams I'm Thwarted fl vc pf

Kyle Krause (New York) 

Biomimicry pf (4-hand) vn vc digital media


Jake Landau (New York) 

Fragment 96: Atthis sop vn va vc db perc pf

Mark Lee (Tennessee)

5 Bagatelles vc


Mendel Lee (Louisiana) 

Polarities perc ens

David Lipten (Florida) 

Waits & Measures brass ens

Alan Mackwell (Colorado) 

Remains of a Permian Gas Station [select mvts] string trio

Kevin Mah (Louisiana) 

I Miss U V-Much digital media

José G. Martínez (Maine) 

Atavism(o) live improv

Juan Marulanda (Kansas) 

Bordones perc ens

James May (Louisiana) 

Touch Currents live improv

Robert McClure (Ohio) 

and my body's cells keep ticking sop asax pf

Mel Mobley (Louisiana) 

A Propensity for Self-destruction fl cl perc (2)

Stephen Montalvo (Louisiana) 

Dislocated pf vn vc

Norberto Oldrini (Italy) 

Jedem das Seine sop fl cl perc pf vn vc

Christopher Prosser (Texas) 

Perpetuum fl cl pf vn va vc

Tim Reed (Indiana) 

Tomorrow's Ken: Portraits of Lives Affected by Incarceration installation

Dalton H. Regnier (Florida)

like a broken record bcl

Neil Rolnick (New York)

Messages live improv


Jacob Schoenle (Georgia)

Matchsticks cl vn vc pf

Phillip Schussler (Louisiana)

Iris brevicaulis vc pf

Sami Seif (New York)

Miniatures from Phoenicia fl

Alex Shapira (Texas)

The Inner Sea cl pf


Ryne Siesky (Tennessee)

grind digital media

Angela Slater (United Kingdom)

a tulip iron sop bar vn va vc

Kevin Su (Maryland)

The Frozen Lake Whispers Sweetly str quart

Cecilia Suhr (Ohio)

Torrent live improv

Peter Swanson (North Carolina)

...and the sorrow of sincere devotion, Op. 9 ob pf

Alan Theisen (Louisiana)

Constant live improv

Manuel Torres (United Kingdom)

Pantomime bn pf

William Toutant (California)

Adapted Frictional Neurons cl pf


Benjamin Webster (Connecticut)

Three Pieces vn

Jamie Whitmarsh (Oklahoma) 

Animal Songs [select mvts] reed quintet

Jack Wilds (Texas)

Duo bcl mar

Adrian Wong (Pennsylvania)

Glass Flowers fl/picc cl vn va

Chris Zacharias (Massachusetts)

Lying Down sop fl cl vn vc pf perc (2)

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