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Daniel Adams | Houston, TX


Jeff Albert | Mandeville, LA

Phantom Trombones

Stephen Beck | Baton Rouge, LA

Contralto Recitative with Angel Chorus

Paul Berlinsky | Kansas City, MO

Groove for Plarinet and Ciano

Kari Besharse | Covington, LA 

Gorgon's Head

Jean-Patrick Besingrand | Capitol Heights, MD (virtual attendee)

Des détritus sous la glace

Chin Ting Chan | Muncie, IN

fuse II

cory diane | New Orleans, LA 

Reverie for the Baleen of the Gulf of Mexico of Many and No Known Names

Jeremi Edwards | Lake Charles, LA

Connecting the DOTs

astrid hubbard flynn | St. Paul, MN 

Everything is Tiny

Maxwell Franko | Austin, TX

Unlocked and Loading

Louise Fristensky | Denton, TX 

singing underwater

Mara Gibson | Baton Rouge, LA 

The Clockmaker's Doll

Travis Hahn | Nazareth, PA

Egregiously Erroneous Pumpkins

Westly Heflin | Monroe, LA 

Help find my Colors?

Oswald Huỳnh | Portland, OR (virtual attendee)

Yellow Peril 

Derek Jenkins | Jonesboro, AR 

Unfinished List of the Things I Love

Matthew Kennedy | Tiffin, OH

Impatient Youth

Leanna Kirchoff | Denver, CO

Divine Cloud That We Share

Steve Landis | Greensboro, NC 


Paul Lewis | Dade City, FL 


Stephen Lilly | Washington, D.C.

In the Sea that Separates

James May | New Orleans, LA

grain vi | fogging

Mel Mobley | Monroe, LA

What we have wakened

Christopher Mortlock | New Zealand (virtual attendee)

Brightening Band

Aurés Moussong | Mexico-Hungary (virtual attendee)

Desde el lugar del misterio

Xavier Muzik | Los Angeles, CA

Three Irreverent Vignettes

Masafumi Oda | Japan (virtual attendee

Digital Warmth

Norberto Oldrini | Italy (virtual attendee)

Notes are not seven

João Pedro Oliveira | Santa Barbara, CA (virtual attendee)

In the House of the Glass King

Michael Pounds | Muncie, IN 


Tim Reed | North Manchester, IN 

"...a never departing shadow..."

Alejandro Rutty | Greensboro, NC 

Suite for Electric Bass

Philip Schuessler | Covington, LA

Duet for Quartet

Alexandria Smith | Metairie, LA 


Rob Smith | Houston, TX


Cecilia Suhr | West Chester, OH

Paradigm Shift: Tapping into Quantum Field

Iván-Manuel Tapia Bruno | Chile


Alan Theisen | Metairie, LA 


William Toutant | Woodland Hills, CA

Trolls (selected movements)

Stephen Yip | Houston, TX 

Renga in Kigo

Mark Zanter | Huntington, WV 

Four Flips

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