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[Video to be posted soon]


On Fever [6:30P | Revival Design & Consignment, 300 Walnut St | Monroe, LA]
Jee Seo

The Bleak Night: Clap Wildly[6:45 PM | La Bella, 231 Desiard St, Monroe | Monroe, LA]
David Peoples

crash blossoms [7:00 PM | Anapolé Gallery - 133 Art Alley | Monroe, LA]

Tanner Jones

Union Square at Dusk [7:30 PM | Antique Alley | West Monroe, LA]
Jakub Polaczyk


Union Square at Dusk - is a piece inspired by the chess board in the Union Square in NYC. The idea was to compose nocturne alike unified piece for 4 same percussion instruments(mostly playing on kalimbas). Piece itself is derived from magic squares numbers and is divided into 4 sections: beginning is industrial city sound of whistles and cymbals, second is more complex and explores different rhythms and articulations of kalimbas. Third is the one that explores the sound of the shakers and the last one is rhythmically free and summarize the piece adding the rhythmical element of the lamps on-off and piece itself ends in the darkness with click of 4 explored sounds throughout the piece: finger cymbal, whistle, kalimba and shaker! Piece is dedicated to my wife and New York based architect Xiaoyin Li.


crash blossoms (noun) - a sentence, often a news headline, that is subject to incorrect interpretation due to syntactic and/or lexical ambiguity.


The Bleak Night: Clap Wildly - is a new cycle composed for mobile installations (hiking concerts). The cycle features multiple movements with narrators. The final movement (as presented here) asks the listener to clap wildly because the show has ended. The complete cycle is scheduled for release on Rovello Records in October of 2022.


On Fever - I believe one of the most key elements of music is energy. I am drawn to powerful, groovy, and rhythmic music, balanced with virtuosity, and the ever-accelerating wild wind sound of the flute soloist. The three "F's" from the title On Fever for solo flute imply the feverish atmosphere of the entire work. I have used various methods for rhythmic treatment inherited from diverse and different musical influences, and couple this with the potential of new grooves. 

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