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Sonata Brasileira 

Marco Schirripa


Two-Step and Game Sounds 

Alex Shanafelt


Stir Crazy

Steve Landis



Sonata Brasileira (2018) is a very difficult three-movement work for bassoon (or baritone sax), marimba, and percussion, lasting about 12.5 minutes. The percussion part is written for cajon, but the instrumentation may be altered at the performers' discretion, such as using pandeiro or another instrument instead for one or all movements. Creativity is encouraged. As the title implies, Sonata Brasileira is my personal take on both Classical-era sonata form and three different Brazilian popular genres: Samba, Bossa Nova, and Choro. The first movement utilizes common Samba Batucada rhythms with modern melodic material within a full sonata-allegro form. The Bossa Nova takes inspiration from Stan Getz within a quirky ternary form, but one major catch: the movement is in 7/8! Finally, the work ends with a very melodic Choro, melding the form of a traditional choro with the expected rondo form. 


Two-Step and Game Sounds - From my love for roleplaying games and video game design comes this work that encourages the musicians to choose their own fate, whether they decide to “level up,” embark on “side quests,” or just entirely opt out of the mission. Moreover, the piece explores the bounds of the relationship between composer and performer, or perhaps game creator and player in this case, and how this relationship can be pushed and undermined to foster alternative methods of creating music. 


Stir Crazy - Darin and Logan Wadley commissioned Stir Crazy in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic during the Spring of 2020. The work reflects the myriad of thoughts and feelings we are experiencing through often and sudden shifts in style, texture, dynamics, and mood. The piece unfolds in a constant energetic manner. Performance acts as catharsis through this strange and difficult time. 

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