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2021 Festival Selections

Jay Batzner

Imaginary Stories

Cory Brodack

Cradle to Crypt

Alex Burtzos

Teach the torches to Burn Bright

Eduardo Caballero

en donde los silencios enmudecen

Michele Caniato

Three Songs on Poems by Stephen Crane

Ryan Carraher

...most of Us…

Chin Ting Chan


Thomas Dempster

Ahalugisdi Unole (To Quiet the Wind)

Brett Dietz 

My Left Frontal Lobe

Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska

Bagatela (Bagatelle)


Daniel Fawcett

Skulptures V


Austin Franklin

Rhythmic Mosaics

Mara Gibson

Four modes: impetUS

Linda Kernohan 

After You

Steven Landis

Lithographs (set of four)


Mark Lee    

Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Cello


Kyle Lewis



Tao Li

Qin Xiao Yi

Yunfei Li


Michael Lukaszuk



Eric Mandat

Desperate Measures

James May

hands, empty except


Jon Paul Mayse

On the Invention of Oil, 1434/On David, 1508


Mel Mobley

In Convenience


Stephen Montalvo

All the Trees of the Field Clapped Their Hands

Joe W. Moore III

Being Black


Norberto Oldrini  


João Pedro Oliveira

Things I Have Seen in My Dreams

Monica Pearce

chain maille

Timothy Peterson



Michael Pounds

Liquid Desires Reborn


Tim Reed

Pelican Bay

Leah Reid



Hannah Rice

Free to Be

Timothy Roy (music)Richard Johnson (video)

Southern Specter

Alejandro Rutty

Under the Long Shadow of Senseless Acts

Minato Sakamoto

Climbing High

Philip Schuessler

Everything is Blowing Away

Steven Serpa

Mountain Idyll: Les Trois Tétons


Angela Slater

As the moon runs red


Rob Smith


Ingrid Stölzel

The Voice of the Rain


Jeanne Artemis Strieder



James Terrell

Pisgah Mosaic


Yan Ee Toh

iridescent shadows

Nick Virzi



Ben Zucker

The Golden Age Cannot Be Picked Up

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